Audrey A. Creighton Leads the Region In Criminal Defense

When you need a defense attorney, you need someone who is passionate and experienced. As a former judge on both the Circuit Court for Montgomery County Maryland and the State of Maryland District Court, Audrey Creighton is a fierce advocate.

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Experienced Criminal Defense Representation In Maryland Courts on every level and in Federal Court.

Ms. Creighton’s practice is extensive, and her casework includes a wide variety of cases, including a wide range of federal and state criminal defense work, personal injury representation, child custody cases and simple wills. Ms. Creighton also represents parties subject to peace orders.

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Excellence Backed By Experience

One of the best ways to protect your rights during a criminal case is to work with a lawyer who understands every nuance of the system in-depth and who will fight for you.  For more than 30 years, Audrey Creighton has worked in the criminal justice system defending the rights of the accused.  She served as a top-notch trial attorney in the public defender’s office for twenty years and is a retired District and Circuit Court judge.  She also has experience on the prosecution side at the appellate level as a former Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Appeals division.  She also taught law school at a prominent D.C. law school for seven years before she entered private practice.  With over 100 successful jury trials under her belt and hundreds of court trials behind her, she has many hundreds of satisfied clients.  Ms. Creighton is the best choice when you face criminal allegations.

Ms. Creighton is passionate about the law. She will develop a strong strategy for your case.  After representing accused persons in some of the most serious felony cases in Maryland, Ms. Creighton has a full understanding of your position from every angle and will take every opportunity to achieve your goals.

Photo of Audrey Anne Creighton
Photo of Audrey Anne Creighton

The Law Is Not About Judgement; It Is About Your Rights

Meet Attorney Audrey Creighton

If you speak to former clients of Attorney Audrey A. Creighton, two themes will repeat themselves: Ms. Creighton is extremely committed to her clients, and she ensures that the legal system treats you as a human being with value and dignity. Whatever your story is – whether you face a misdemeanor or a repeat felony accusation – Ms. Creighton will help you reach the best outcome possible.

Ms. Creighton has a long history of success and is one of the few criminal defense attorneys with her level of experience who is fully fluent in Spanish.

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“I don’t usually write reviews but I had to for Audrey Creighton. I had a minor offense but I always jump to worst case scenario, she was very reassuring that would not happen. She has a way of treating someone like they aren’t just a client, but also a person. 10/10 would recommend Audrey Creighton to anyone looking for an attorney.”


“She exceeded my expectations was very professional and made the payment easier, and best of all, it communicates very well in Spanish. She is above all human. It was God who put her in my way. I just have to thank you.”


” Audrey was, and is, amazing. Her background, as well as her years & years of experience, place her in a position to place her clients in a favorable position. No one can win every case for their clients. That’s impossible. Some of us are guilty beyond any doubt and the evidence is overwhelming against us. However, I can attest to the fact that Audrey will ALWAYS do her best for you. “

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